Q: Where can I change money?

A: The Gambian currency is called Dalasi and is readily available at all hotels but to get the best exchange rates you can go to one of the many bureau de changes around the tourist resorts.


Q: Do UK mobile phones work in The Gambia?

A: All UK mobile phone networks can be used on roaming whilst in Gambia but it can be quite costly. All Gam Jammers will receive a free pay-as-you-go SIM card which will be loaded with some credit to get you started. Once your phone as been recharged with sufficient data you can use apps like Whatsapp. If you have a spare unlocked phone you can use your SIM card to keep in touch with your friends in the resort. Top up vouchers are sold in all supermarkets and local shops.

Q: Are there any supermarkets & off licences?

A: The supermarkets are well stocked with goods imported mostly from the UK. There’s a wide range of stock from food to toiletries available. A packet of 20 Marlboro Lights cost around £1and a carton of 200 costs around £10. A bottle of local beer costs around 60p.


Q: Are there any good restaurants in Gambia?

A: For such a small country Gambia has a wide variety of restaurants with cuisine from all over the world to sample. There are Mexican, Italian, Lebanese, Indian, Chinese, Nigerian, West Indian & even Mongolian restaurants to name just a few. The standard of food is very high but reasonably priced. And of course you have to sample some traditional Gambian dishes!


Q: If I want to get my hair braided or get an outfit made where do I go?

A: Senegambians are well known for their braiding and tailoring skills so it’s no surprise that many tourists capitalise on good exchange rates and the low prices charged for the services of a hairdresser or tailor. For any such services you require please contact one of the Gam Jam team in the resort or by phone.


Q: What’s the weather like?

A: During the dry season (November to May) rain is virtually unheard of and you can expect temperatures of around 32 degrees. It can sometimes get a bit chilly at night so its advisable to bring a cardigan or shawl.


Q: How do we get around the resorts?

A: Taxis are readily available and very cheap but be wary of starting any journey without first negotiating a price! Ask a staff member in your hotel or Team Gam Jam staff what they think the average price for your journey should be. Yellow taxis are generally used by the local community & the green taxis are tourist taxis with fixed prices but more expensive.


Q: Do I have to take malaria tablets?

A: Yes, The Gambia is in a malarial zone & although there aren’t as many mosquitoes during the dry season the risk is always there. A good mosquito repellent will help stop mosquitoes biting in the first place as will spraying your hotel room with insecticide every other day.


Charitable Donations

Whilst The Gambia is a well established tourist destination there is also poverty in the region. Gam Jam works closely with a charity called Giving To Gambia and all donations big or small are always welcome. If you choose to you can make monetary donations or buy pens, pencils, exercise books etc which will be passed on to the charity for distribution.


Keeping Safe

Gambia is a very safe and peaceful country with a very low crime rate but as with anywhere you happen to visit in the world its always good practice to be cautious. Crimes against tourists are virtually unheard of but it is still advisable to leave your valuables in your hotel safe and be wary of pickpockets.

The Gambian people are very friendly and are always keen to befriend tourists so to that end you may find that you’re approached by ‘bumsters’ on the beach or in the resort areas who want to talk to you, although they’re not threatening they can sometimes be annoying. A simple ‘I don’t want to talk thanks’ will usually drive them away.

Be very cautious when crossing the road as they drive on the right in Gambia. In some areas pavements are quite scarce!

DO NOT buy drugs if anybody offers to sell them to you! You do not want to spend time in the government’s 5* hotel!

Gambia is over 90% Muslim so please be mindful when leaving your hotel to cover up if you’re wearing swimwear.

Drink lots of water but bear in mind that drinking a very cold drink straight after coming out of the sun can cause stomach upsets. Oh and don’t forget your sun lotion!



There are some great towns, villages & places to visit whilst in The Gambia, ask any of the Team Gam Jam staff in resort or send an email to info@gamjamfest.com stating your name, hotel & what excursions you’re interested in. Popular trips are the ‘Roots’ tour that takes you by boat to the village of Kunta Kinte, A half day trip to the south of Gambia & into Senegal, visit ‘Charlie’ the crocodile at Katchically Crocodile Pool… Plus many other excursions. .


Property Viewing

For those of you that may be interested in spreading your wings or simply looking to invest in bricks & mortar then this is for you. One of Gambia’s biggest real estate companies have put on an afternoon of real estate viewing that will take you to three different housing developments. You’ll be picked up from your respective hotels and taken to the developments. For more info on the developments please contact info@gamjamfest.

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